24rd Session of HRC(September 10)
Paralllel event on the right to truth and justice in the I.R.Iran
Sun 8 09 2013

"Mothers worried and bewildered,
Fathers with a bag of belongings and silent
Spouses with a piece of paper, last words
Children frightened and lost
'where do I hang these ripped rags'?
Where do I seek you?
To understand, touch and find
Wherever I seek refuge
There is something of you

Paralle event held on the occasion of the twenty fifth anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in the Summer of 1988

Tuesday 10th September 2013
16.00 to 18.00
Geneva Switzerland

1.Mokhtar Shalalvand Brother of Hamzeh Shalavand, victim
My broter's fate
2.Hamid Sabi,Member of Executive Committee and Rapporteur of Iran Tribunal
Process of Truth Commission and Iran Tribunal in the Hague
3.Manaf Emarri,Attorney at law,he
Rule of Law and Islamic Republic of Iran
4.Roya Ghiassi,Sister of Kobra Ghiassi, victim
Treatment of families of victims
5.Mehdi Memarpour,Political Prisoner
Prison experiences
6.Voice of a victim's mother
7.Amir Niloo,Brother of Akbar Niloo, victim
Minutes before execution


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