Mustafa Daneshjoo refuses medical treatment in hospital / Reza Shahabi on medical treatment strike for second week
Sat 24 08 2013

Mostafa daneshjoo‘s health condition is very critical in Evin Prison. He has been the lawyer of Gonabadi Dervishes.
Mostafa Daneshjoo suffers from respiratory disease and cardiac arrhythmia. He refused being taken with hand’s chain to hospital.
Moreover, it has been reported that in recent months, the authorities in Evin prison’s clinic avoid complete delivery of prescribed medications by the doctors for the imprisoned patients. Whereas the authorities in the clinic recommend sedatives medicine for sick prisoners. It is reported that the Medical team of the Evin prison’s Clinic often offenses and insults patient prisoners. This causes most of patients in the prison avoid to visit the doctors and medical team in the clinic.
Reza Shahabi other patient prisoner has been on free strike for 2 weeks. Südwind, has expressed its concern about critical health condition of the two prisoners. Mostafa Daneshjoo suffers from respiratory disease and Reza Shahabi bear a severe backache which makes it hard to deal with his daily life while in prison. The continuation of this situation might put their life in danger.
Mostafa Daneshjoo is a notorious lawyer, defending his two Gonabadi Dervishes’ clients since 2006 when a group of Dervishes in city of Qom were attacked by the state. He took a legal action against the current public persecutor of Sari- A city in north of Iran- who was the attorney general of Qom at that time. He conducted demolition of the Dervish’ mosque.
Mostafa Daneshjoo was sentenced to 7 and half years imprisonment. Now, he is in 350 ward of Evin Prison.
Reza Shahabi is also the founder and a Member of Teheran Bus workers’ Union Board. He has been arrested by the officials because of the protest to arrestment of Mansour Osalou, the Chairman of the Syndicate. The security guards attacked the workers’ home and they arrested even some of their family members. Shortly after the worker’s protest, some of the syndicate members including Reza Shahabi had been fired from work. Reza Shahbi has been arrested and imprisoned by the security guards on 12 June 2005 . Charges against Mr. Shahabi has claimed and listed as security ones.
Reza Shahabi was sentenced to 6 years in prison and currently he is in ward 350 of Evin Prison.


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