An Iranian political prisoner is sentenced to 27 years of imprisonment
Mon 12 08 2013

Mansur Zardui,a Kurdish political prisoners,is sentenced to 27 years behind bars on political charges by the Enghelab Court and was sent to a prison of Paveh town .
According to the “Campaign over the Defense of Political and civil prisoners”,the 28 years old activist is a resident of the Alak village near Kamyaran of Kurdistan province.At the second session of his trial at the Enghelab Court in Sanandaj,he sentenced to 27 years and convicted with acting against national security and collaborating with Iranian's anti-government Kurdish parties.
Mansur Zardui was arrested in 2011 by the intelligence service and sent to Sanandaj,capital of Kurdistan province, where he was detained,interrogated and tortured for three months.



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