23rd regular session of the Human Rights Council (27 May to 14 June 2013)
Training on human rights
Wed 22 05 2013

Ahead of the June presidential election Südwind organises a specialised human rights training on the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of opinions as well as social freedoms for human rights defenders and activits, conducted in Farsi, with lawyer Leila Ali-Karami on June 8 and 9 in Geneva.

Lawyer and a human rights defender Leila Ali-Karami is a practicing lawyer and human rights activist based who grew up in Tehran, Iran. Leila completed her legal training with Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi. She left Iran for London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and has completed a business law degree in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice.

Voting in a free election is the undeniable right of every citizen. This right, however, is not substantive and other rights including freedom of expression, freedom of opinions, social freedoms are required to ensure the right of voting. The aim of this session is to address the factors of a free election based on other basic human rights.

Applicants are required to send an e-mail to iran@suedwind.at with the subject "Training Course".


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