Young Ahwazi Arab is in serious condition after he set himself alight
Mon 6 05 2013

The Ahwazi Center For Human Rights reports that Mehdi Mojadam, the young Ahwazi Arab, who set himself on fire in protest against unemployment in front of the entrance door of governor's building in April, is in very critical condition.

He was taken to the Taleghani hospital of Ahwaz, but there he has been insulted and then interrogated by the intelligence forces, who also threatened his family members with jail if they don’t remain publicly silent.

The 32 year old man is now at the Taleghani hospital in a critical condition with 60 per cent life-threatening burns. The security forces still keep the hospital under surveillance.

The government prohibits any news distortion on his case by media to prevent a regional movement. Khuzestan is the richest region in Iran and the source of its oil and gaze, but the indigenous Arab people suffer the country's highest poverty and employment rate


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