Südwind: Written Statement on Health of Iranians jeopardized by high-intensity radio-frequency exposures and salt and sand storms
21st regular session of the Human Rights Council
(10 - 28 September 2012)

Dust and sand storms blow out of the Republic of Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over Khuzestan Province of Iran causes severe and hazardous health effects especially at the cities of Abadan, Ahwaz and Khorramshahr. During some of these dust and sand storms high density of up to 50 times the standard limit of suspended particles or aerosols1 2 3 causes low visibility and endangers inhabitants health. The frequency, duration and intensity of the dust and sand storms are increasing substantially.4 The construction of around 500 dams and and decrease of precipitation ended to drying of 66 internationally registered natural wetlands inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. This has affected on Iran’s natural ecosystem.


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