Secret group executions inside the central prison of Birjand
Fri 26 04 2013

According to a report by activists of the organization "Human Rights and Democracy in Iran" on Saturday in a medieval act against humanity a number of prisoners were secretly executed in the central prison of Birjand.

On Saturday morning a unknown but larger number of prisoners were secretly hanged inside the central prison of Birjand. Among those executed was Ali Arang, 31 years old and since three years detained in prison. The exact number of executed prisoners is not yet known, but a relative said several people were executed.

In the last two weeks dozens of prisoners were executed in the prisons such as Bandar Abbas, Gohardashze Karaj, Zahedam or Birjand. In many cases, the executions were carried out secretly. Families, lawyers and prisoners themselves often have no idea when the executions will take place. But even under Iranian law, families must be informed of an execution so that they can visit the prisoner and even attend the hanging.

The human rights activists urge the international community to react to the reports of secret mass executions in Iran.


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