Student activist Peyman Aref arrested again on April 22
Tue 23 04 2013

According to the Human Right Activists News Agency Iran (HRANA) activist and journalist Peyman Aref, a student of political science at Tehran University and a member of the Alumni Association, got arrested on April 22 at 6 pm while security forces stormed his house.

The arrests took place a day after he had received a summon to appear in court. Despite the protests of his family, the police searched the house and took his laptop.

Peyman Aref was sentenced to a year in jail and 74 lashes in March 2010 after found guilty of propaganda against the regime, possesing a Satellite receiver and being a member of oposition. Prior to his release the 74 lashes were carried out on him. Since then he has been re-arrested several times and also issued a ban from participating in any political activities for 15 years.

Observers believe that he was arrested due to his interview with Kalameh( a pro Mousavi homepage) about his flogging experience.


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