Detained blogger’s family is appealing for help from UN’s High Commissioner and Special Rapporteur
Mon 22 04 2013

After more than seven months of watching their son and brother in an Iranian jail cell without any clear charges or a court trial and for crimes they claim he didn’t commit, the family of blogger Kaveh Taheri is pulling out all the steps for their sibling’s release.

Kaveh Taheri, a blogger born in 1982, has been held at Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz since last year. He faces charges of "acting against national security" and "creating public anxiety in the virtual space. For a living he was working at a clothing store in Shiraz.

In the letter the family informed the UN’s High Commissioner and Special Rapporteur that on September 23, 2012, agents from the Intelligence Office arrested and blindfolded him and his younger cousin and escorted them to the Intelligence Office Detention Center. In the afternoon the agents searched the home of Kaveh and his family, damaged it and attacked his mother, who was alone at the time, before they confiscated notes, notebooks, and computer hard drives —which belonged to his parents as well as to their detained son.

The blogger was kept for 52 days at the Intelligence Office Detention Center and then transferred to Adelabad Prison in Shiraz, sharing a prison ward with murderers and drug traffickers. However ten days later, after the family spread the news, Kaveh Taheri was transferred to a different ward.

The letter to the UN Office of the High Commission for Human Rights is the one of the moves in Kaveh’s legal defense, the blogger has to appear before the first branch of the Revolutionary Court on April 22.


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