Fifteen-year-old Ahwazi teenager killed in Ahvaz
Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority remains a topic of concern for human rights organisations
Mon 15 04 2013

According to the committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) the 15-year old teenager, Morteza Soweidi, was killed by gunshot wound to his head on Friday, April 12, during a demonstration against the demolition of residential homes. Security forces also arrested two other citizens.

According to CHRR, the security forces had emerged with bulldozers in the Seyed Mousa district to continue the destruction of illegal homes. The residents demonstrated against the demolitions. In the clash after Morteza Soweidi´s death, the boy lived alone without parents, the security officials arrested two of his relatives. Other relatives confirmed to the CHRR that the 15-year old Morteza Soweidi lost his life by a gunshot wound and identified the killer as Colonel Chabok Sawar.

Poverty and unemployment in this region has prompted many destitute Ahwazi Arab citizens to build cheap homes without obtaining the proper permission. At the same time, they are denied opportunities in the oil, steel and petrochemicals industries, which are the region's main economic activities. In recent years the situation of Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority has remained a topic of concern for human rights organisations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the US Department of State and the International Federation for Human Rights.



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