Iranian Government has confirmed the deaths of 13 Afghans in its territory
Tue 2 04 2013

The head of the Afghan Foreign Affairs Department in Herat, Sayed Abdul Naser Yosufi, said that the Iranian Government has confirmed the deaths of 13 Afghans in its territory, but denied that they were killed by Iran's armed forces. Naseri added that Iran had agreed to return the bodies of the dead to their families in Herat.

Iran has executed at least 13 Afghan nationals few months ago. The refugees were sentenced to death for drug trafficking, reports suggest. A number of the close relatives of the victims urged the government officials to transfer the dead bodies of the victims from Iran to Afghanistan. Gul Khan speaking on behalf of the victims families said the individuals belonged to Kohsan districts and were bured in a cemetery in Tibar. He said deceased individuals were all teenager Afghan boys and had gone to Iran for work purposes and were not drug smugglers. Mr. Khan also urged the government and International organizations to try those involved behind the killing of the 13 Afghan boys.

The Afghans sentenced to death did not receive fair trials, said Human Rights Watch. The Afghans were not given the opportunity to get assistance from the Afghan government. The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs had urged Iranian officials to inform the Afghan government about death sentences issued for Afghan refugees in Iran.


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