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Applicaton for grants

Journalists can apply for financial support, using a simple application form indicating their blog and the activity or equipment for which they would like to receive financial support, the expected outcomes and the amount of money. After reviewing it, we will notify as to whether or not we will support your blog. Amount requested must not exceed 2,000 Euro!

Before we will consider funding, we need to receive an application which describes the blog. It doesn´t need to be in great detail, but it should indicate the nature of your work.

Applications must include:
•Name and web address of the blog
•Name of journalist and contact details
•One paragraph about the background of the journalist
•One paragraph summarizing the mission of the blog and the work
•Background of the blog and why it is needed
•One paragraph stating the purpose and outcome of the grant request, and how it relates to Iranian human rights issues
•Total dollar amount being requested and for what purpose

Applications may be submitted in English, French and Farsi.
Please send proposals by e-mail, FAX or regular mail. (Email is preferred and is enough.) If you do not hear from us that we have received it, please contact us.
All human rights for all in Iran
Südwind Agentur
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Fax: + 43 1 405 55 19


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