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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the protection of the fundamental human rights, in Iran and the provision of effective support to Iranian human rights defenders. Our endeavors are directed towards assisting those defenders to establish links to, and cooperate with, the special procedures of the United Nations Human rights council as well as in building a platform for Iranian human rights defenders at the international level. Other aims include promoting the active use of the Internet to supplement the defenders work on human rights, increase their organizational capacities and contribute actively to breaking their isolation and social exclusion in Iran. We carry out our mandate in an independent, impartial, objective and supra-denominational manner.

We respond to the needs of Iranian human rights defenders, irrespective of the rights and causes they defend.

We believe in the principle of the universality of all human rights. As such, we are respectful of others, treating everybody equally, with dignity and without discrimination.

Main areas of activity

− Monitoring the human rights situation in Iran, as well as writing and issuing written and oral statements and publishing reports to the Human Rights Council and its Special Procedures;
− Organizing parallel events at session of the Human Rights Council on human rights issues in Iran;
− Provision Iranian human rights defenders with specific trainings in knowledge related to international human rights procedures and law;
− Establishment of contacts with people in Iran and enabling them to report on violations;
− Coverage in Internet of a full spectrum of activities at the UN Human Rights Council to provide Iranian human rights defenders with opportunities for engagement and to boost information with the international human rights system.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a long record of human rights violations. Executions, death threats, acts of harassment, judicial harassment, stigmatization, violent attacks, maltreatment, torture and rape in prisons point up the gravity of the violations suffered and stress the need for greater international pressure on Iran to create space for Iran’s human rights and democracy movement. Iranian Human rights defenders both within Iran and abroad need to be strengthened through technical support, as well as through advocacy in order to reduce the pressure on them. They welcome international expressions of concern, and solidarity for them must be stepped up through linguistic, legal, financial, technical and administrative support.


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