Training courses at the 22nd session of the Human Rights Council with Dr. Leila Alikarami and Dr. Alireza Azizi
Wed 27 02 2013

Two-day-trainings (2.3.2013 - 3.3.2013 and 9.3.2012 - 10.3.2012) will be hold over the weekends in Geneva on the Human Rights Systems with Dr. Leila Alikarami and Dr. Alireza Azizi.

Dr. Leila Alikarami, who is a lawyer and human rights activist, grew up in Tehran, Iran. She completed her legal training with Nobel Peace Laureate Shrin Ebadi in Tehran. Dr. Alireza Azizi is a collage professor and former member of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA.

The trainings will focus on various issues of human rights and women´s rights, to give an introductory background to the history of human rights, how UDHR came about as well as on various international covenants, international humanitarian law.

Applicants are required to send an e-mail to iran@suedwind.at with the subject "Training Course".


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