Zahedan’s political prisoner’s message to the pP5+1 countries and nuclear negotiators
Mon 25 02 2013

A group of political prisoners in Zahedan's prison called, through an audio massage, the p 5+1 countries, demanding the negotiators` attention on the fulfillment of the obligations by the Iranian government to respect the liberty and civil rights of political prisoners.

Mohammad Amin Aghooshy, a 53 years old Kurdish teacher, who is passing a 10 years sentence in the central prison of Zahedan by the verdict of the first branch of military court of oroumieh, sent, on behalf of the other political prisoners, an audio message to the peace campaign activists in exile, addressing the negotiators of P5+1 countries and the comming nuclear summit.

It said:
Dear members of the p 5+1 and president of the nuclear summit.
We have notified that your nuclear negotiations with Iran will begin on February 26 . Since we , the political prisoners of the central prison of Zahedan have been sentenced to heavy prison terms by unjust accusations and have been deprived of all our civil rights, demand you to consider the release of the political prisoners very important and we demand you practical action.
Today , human rights are the request of UN and human rights supporter countries and in this hard economical situation we want at least the Human Rights and individual liberties don't get violated.
Please deliver our message to all of the people of the world!
Yours Sincerely

Mohammad Amin Aghooshy
Representative of the political prisoners in the central prison of Zahedan.

It should be added that Mohammad Amin Aghoshy is the retired teacher from Piranshahr, who has been accused on 3th December 2009 of sympathizing with Kurdish parties and “ Moharebeh “ and has been sentenced first to death by firing squad and the sentence has been commuted to 10 years of imprisonment.


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