30th session of the HRC (24 September)
GD Item 5

Sudwind regrets that the Islamic Republic of Iran did not respond to the 2 urgent joint appeals of the special Rapporteurs on Ms Narges Mohammadi and Mr Younes Asakerah mentioned in the last report.
We would like to remind the Human Rights Council about the tragic death of Mr Younes Asakerah . Due to repeated harassment from local authorities and extreme poverty, Mr Younes Asakerah put himself on fire and died from his severe injuries on the 22nd of March 2015. He was a street vender selling fruits before his belongings were destroyed by the mayor officials.
Despite constitutional guarantees of equality, members of religious and ethnic groups, including Arabs, are continuously subject to discriminatory legislation and regulations being victims of practices such as undue restrictions on economical, social, cultural, linguistic and religious rights.
There was also no response to the letter of allegation of WG on Enforced Disappearances on Mr. Yousef Silavi . He was a member of the Arab minority from Ahwaz a city in the south of Iran. He disappeared in 2009 after he was arrested at home. As the daughter was threatened and afraid of her life the case was first brought to the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances in 2014.
The other unanswered joint appeal is concerning the case of Ms. Narges Mohammadi who was sentenced to six-years prison on the 22 April 2012, and now again is imprisoned despite several doctors requests for her hospitalization. Ms. Mohammadi, who is in need of urgent medical care, will be put on trial on October 7, 2015.
Reportedly there are at least hundred prisoners of conscience like Ms. Mohammadi, amongst them are Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi and Ms. Sedighe Moradi. Reportedly both Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi and Ms Moradi’s medical conditions are severely aggravated and they are continuously being denied medical care.
We remain deeply concerned about the fact that the requests of the special procedures remains, in large, unaddressed by the Islamic republic of Iran.
We urge all council states including the concerned country to comply with their obligations before the council and respond to the requests posed by the special procedures.


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