29th session of the HRC (June 29)
GD Item 8

Südwind reports that on Tuesday 16th June 2015 a sit-down peaceful protest took place, in regards to the miners who had been made redundant, with no payment of leave. The miners had blocked a road with their protest, preventing lorries and other vehicles to pass through. The police shortly arrived, using tear gas on the protestors. Mohammed Ali Mirzai, the representative of the protesting miners, attempted to move out of the road but with his vision impaired from the tear gas, was killed by an oncoming lorry.

The Vice President of the Teachers’ Union, Ali Akbar Baghani, was already placed in custody to endure his sentence of 6 years imprisonment. Whilst the President of the union, Ismail Abdi was arrested on Saturday 27th June 2015, to begin his sentence of 10 years imprisonment.


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