29th session of the HRC (June 26)
UPR Turkey

We regret to see that the political issues between Turkey and Cyprus have resulted in Turkey declining all recommendations delivered by Cyprus.
It is with profound concern we note extensive reports on the grave and alarming situation of refugees and their asylum process, living and working conditions in Turkey.
We appreciate Turkeys’ acceptance to continue the support for Syrian refugees. We note however that Turkey has failed to give any report on asylum seekers rights in the country.
Sudwind would like to bring attention to inhuman living and working conditions of Iranian refugees in Turkey.
LGBTI persons, political prisoners, and women, victims of domestic violence and discrimination are especially vulnerable groups. These minority groups are all in danger of prosecution merely for practicing their basic human rights in their country of origin, thus seeking protection by the state of Turkey. We however regret to see that the state of Turkey fails to fulfill their obligations toward the Human rights conventions.
Turkey has accepted and ratified the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrants and members of their families; however, we note continuance reports showing turkeys shortcomings in regards with the aforementioned. Refugees do not enjoy the right to work and health care and receive discretionary support from the government. Child labor is an ongoing issue amongst refugees as well as severe injuries suffered by workers at workplaces with inhuman work conditions.
We would like to mention the following refugees who at this point of time are subject to abusive living and working conditions and exploitation merely due to the fact that they cannot enjoy the protection of their home countries. Mr Alireza Javanmardi, Ramezan Fathi, Abbas Zarei are amongst many refugees suffering in Turkey.
We urge the Turkish government in the strongest possible terms to abide by its obligations to the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrants and members of their families.


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