29th session of the HRC (June 24)
GD Item 4

Sudwind believes that the domination of ISIL, Al-Qaeda and the affiliated or associated groups such as Al-Nusra, Boku Haram and Al-Shabaab on such large territories and the displacement of millions of people due to this domination, is the most important matter for the council to pay attention to.
Due to the Ramadan break the number of the executions, i.e. the 686 reported over this year has not increased since our last statement on this issue on 22nd June (2 days ago). However, this rate is without a doubt more than the total number of executions practiced in all countries that use the death penalty except one.
Among the thousands of people waiting in the death row, around 60 are prisoners of conscience. Mr Mansour Arwand was the last such prisoner who was executed in June without going through the due process.
Narges Mohammadi, the spokesperson of Center for the defenders of human rights is despite her poor health condition arrested as a result of her activities against death penalty.
The Islamic Republic of Iran pretends in this council that it cares and pays attention to the economic, social and cultural rights in Iran.
This led to the negative or abstain votes of a number of members of this council to the resolution L17 in the last session.
Atena Daemi, Atena Farghadani, Omid Ali Shenas and Aso Rostami have been sentenced to 14, 12years and 9 months, 10 and 7 years in prison respectively, only because they defended the rights of the work and street children. The latest brutal attacks on the workers peaceful assemblies happened in June 2015. Metal workers of Ardebil were gathering to protest the delay of 16 months on paying their salaries.
The 31st sessions of the human rights council coincide with the Assembly of Experts and the Parliament elections in Iran. The people of Iran have never experienced a democratic, free and fair election in the 37 years lifetime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We hope that this council will offer and facilitate the international observers to monitor the upcoming elections.


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