29th session of the HRC (19 June 2015)
Panel on Eliminating and preventing domestic violence against women and girls

Sudwind believes that creating awareness for the prevalence of domestic violence against women and girls is the first step to prevent it. However, during the second cycle of UPR the Human Rights Council witnessed the denial of the existence of prevalent violence against women by the Islamic Republic of Iran in their country.
In our written statement - A/HRC/29/NGO/96 - for this session, we brought your attention to the issue and scope of femicide in the name of honour using Kurdish regions in Iran only as an example. If we want to stop femicide, it has first to be accepted as a reality by all states.
Mrs Lasagabaster, the Islamic Republic of Iran will become a member of the executive board of the UN Women in January 2016. There are no official statistics on the number of honour killings or other femicides in Iran. The laws allow perpetrators to buy the consent of the closest family member. Therefore, murderers are sentenced to only very short imprisonment. This approach by the Iranian judiciary is by no means preventive of crimes committed against women and girls.
The esteemed council has witnessed too often the attempts of several countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to justify discrimination against women with cultural diversity. This is a cause for violence against women. Recently, we witnessed the attempts to justify violence against women in the Islamic Republic of Iran as a cultural diversity too . This is a warning to us all.
Mrs Lasagabaster, a 13 year old girl is a child everywhere - even in Iran. How is it that the global status report on violence prevention 2014 states that the legal age for marriage is 13, but the highest score of preventive laws and programs on child marriage is given to the Islamic Republic of Iran? Women are deprived of legal tools against domestic violence, for example – contrary to the report - there is no such law allowing the removal of the violent spouse from home.
Even after 11 years, the law proposition against violence against women and youth in Iran still remains a draft law. Moreover, the public is absolutely unaware of its content. All copies of the only national survey on violence against women were destroyed by the government.
The states must act now to stop violence against women.


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