29th session of the HRC (15 June 2015)
Enhanced ID on human rights of migrants

Iranian refugees are traveling to Australia through Indonesia in the hope for a better life that however, is far from what they actually face. On their way to Australia, they have to endure horrifying journey and the situation doesn’t improve in their host country. The refugee crisis is intensifying all over the globe. Apart from the fact that immigrants in many cases do not reach the destination, even those who do face discrimination and xenophobic attacks. Their integration process is also a very challenging task.

In addition to those people who arrive, there are a number of people who lose their lives in the process, only because they wanted to escape from a suppressed and hard life in their country and build a better life for themselves. But due to these conditions they never get to fulfill that dream.

There has been a report, that Australia has sent four Iranian refugees to
Cambodia and has refused to give them permission to enter Australia, and this
decision is based on the agreement between Australia and Cambodia.


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