29th session of the HRC (22 June 2015)
ID with Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

Sudwind would like to thank the working group for their great report on discrimination against women and girls in cultural and family life. We endorse all your recommendations. However, we would like to bring the question to Mrs Aouij, and ask her about the policy of the working group, when addressing the countries that officially declare they don't believe in gender equality? What is the policy of the working group when addressing the countries that officially declare that they don’t believe in gender equality and are not a signatory to CEDAW too?
Mr Heyns, as you stated in your report, the use of technology by human rights activists and others can expose them to a range of risks. Sattar Beheshti is an example of a blogger who was arrested and killed in detention in Iran.
Another example is Vahid Asghari, a computer engineering student, who was sentenced to death because of the contents of the domains he had sold yet on whose content he had no influence.
Mr Heyns, as you know not only human rights activists but also those who violate the human rights use the ICT. The terror organization Islamic State uses the same technology to publish their most disgusting crimes and distribute them widely in social media.
The public executions that are practiced in the Islamic Republic of Iran are also an example of propaganda for pure violence. There are 21 countries which still practice public executions.
In 2014, there were at least 53 prisoners who were executed publicly in Iran. Their number in 2015 has reached 15.
Since the beginning of 2015 we have witnessed at least 686 executions in the Islamic Republic of Iran; 206 of them from June the first to June.
Mr Heyns, the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared that 2 special Rapporteurs may pay a visit to the country. As you have already requested for an invitation, are there any signs of you being one the invited Rapporteurs?


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