28th session of the HRC (17 March 2015)
GD Item 4

It is undoubtedly of outmost importance for the distinguished Council to consider the phenomenon of ISIL and its regional allies such as Al Qaida and Al Shabab, which have collectively disturbed significant areas of the world.

ISIL brutally cuts off people’s throat, crucifies them, throws people off tall buildings, amputate individuals’ hands and legs, kidnap men, women, and children and sells them as slaves.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, in a similar manner, has legislations that allow hanging convicted inmates in groups. Though Iran does not crucify people nor throws them off buildings, stoning to death is a legal penalty. Amputation of individuals’ hand and legs and blinding them are also among legal penalties that are allowed within the Iranian penal code. These atrocities are often committed off camera, to keep the domestic and international public opinion in the dark about the depth of brutalities. The difference in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s version of Islam with that of ISIL can be summarized as the difference between amputation one’s fingers rather than cutting off their wrist.

We strongly believe that the council members, especially members of the OIC, should firmly react to such clear violations of human rights and make every effort to put an end to any legal justification that allows radical Islamic groups such as ISIL, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran, to practice such inhumane punishments as part of their penal code.

Famous Iranian human rights lawyer Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh, the winner of the prestigious Zakharov award and a former prisoner of conscious, can have a leading role in this regard.

Ms. Sotoudeh is currently banned by the Iranian authorities to practise law, forcing her to stage a silent protest outside Iranian Bar Association that is now entering into its 150th day. She is determined to reverse the unfair ban, which was imposed by the authorities as the direct result of her political activism.


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