28th session of the HRC (16 March 2015)
Item 4 - ID with SR on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

This is a joint statement of Sudwind and IGLHRC and ECPM supported by Arseh Sevvom, Iran Human Rights and Human Rights Defenders Association of Kurdistan, IHRDC.
Dr Shaheed
We, welcome your diligent monitoring of the human rights situation in Iran and the repeated concern you have raised over many urgent individual cases. Your comprehensive reports are a valuable addition to the work of this esteemed Council. You have drawn needed international attention to right violations in Iran and in turn bolstered the efforts of Iranian human rights defenders in the country. Unfortunately, Iranian authorities, particularly the judiciary and security establishment, continue to be perpetrated serious and systematic violations of human rights.
As you have mentioned in your report, the annual number of executions rose to over 750 last year. The death penalty is implemented for a wide-range of offences that do not meet international standards, including broad and ill-defined crimes such as “sowing corruption on earth,” which has been used to criminalize peaceful political activities. Iran continues to imprison hundreds of individuals for practicing their right to free speech, peaceful assembly and association. Iranian prisoners of conscience include human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists, student, women and labor activists, and ethnic and religious community leaders. Prisoners of conscience are routinely denied access to medical care, even in emergency cases.
Mr. Shaheed,
Discrimination and violence against women remains a serious problem in Iran. As your report explains, the draft laws regarding women and the family, if passed, would further strip women of access to their economic and social rights and deepen gender inequality.
Mr. President,
We urge the distinguished Council to renew the Special Rapporteur’s mandate and to encourage the Iranian authorities to fully cooperate with him. Human rights abuses are deeply rooted in Iranian laws and policies and require the sustained attention of the Council. Renewing the Special Rapporteur’s mandate would send a strong message to Iranian people that the international community is committed to the promotion and protection of their rights and dignity.


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