28th session of the HRC (11 March 2015)
Item3- ID with SR on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

Madam Special Rapporteur,

Sudwind welcomes your appointment as the Special Rapporteur. Sale of children is among the complex problems of the world today. This can take the form of sexual exploitation or use of children as cheap labour force.
In parts of Tehran, like Darvaze Ghar, children are sold from 28 to 1500 dollars. The families of these children, known as "ghorbati", are mostly drug addicts or in jail. They sell children to bear the cost of their drug use. A lot of these children don't even have identity cards and thus lack a legal identity. The buyers of these children usually force them into slave labour, sexual exploitation and enforced marriage. Some of the girls are forced to marriage or sexual exploitation become pregnant but because they don't have the financial means or capabilities to take care of their children, they are forced to sell their children as well.

Some poor families are forced to accept a sum and then enforce the marriage of their daughters to older men or immigrant men in Iran. Sudwind believes that child marriage is an obvious case of sexual exploitation. In the previous year, 92 cases of girls under 15 marrying men over 40 have been officially registered. Many of marriages in Iran are done in Sharia ceremonies or temporary Sigha contracts and are not registered.

Trafficking of girls to outside Iran also takes place. Families living under the poverty line sell their girls and girls, mostly aged between 15 and 17, are smuggled into the Persian Gulf countries, especially the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

Madam Special Rapporteur,
What mechanism to your suggest we can use to force the states to adopt preventive strategies and really fight against the sale of children, especially girls?
Iranian children are entitled to protection against exploitation and sale, as they are to social support and education.

We ask you to coordinate your activities with Dr Ahmed Shaheed and to demand a visit to Iran where you can assess the situation of human rights in regard to the subject of your mandate.


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