20th Session of Universal Periodic Review.
Iran report on human rights is inaccurate

On 31 October, the UN Human Rights Council carried out a valuation of Iran’s human rights records under the Universal Periodic Review process (UPR). In 2010 the I.R. Iran accepted a series of recommendations to improve the human rights standards in Iran, but so far these are mostly not implemented.A report by the Iranian government to the UN Human Rights Council grossly distorts the progress Iran has made in improving its human rights record, said representatives of Südwind and other human rights groups in Geneva.

In a side event at the Council, held two days before Iran was scheduled to undergo its review of its human rights efforts, Sholeh Zamini of Sudwind , Diane Ala’i of the Baha’i International Community and Rod Sanjabi of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) offered numerous examples of the way in which Iran was inaccurate in its report.


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