27th session of the HRC (22 September 2014)
Statement GD Item 5

In the report of Secretary-General on Cooperation with the United Nations in the field of human rights (A/HRC/27/38) Para 5, it is stated that new laws and regulations have made the receipt of funds from abroad in at least 4 countries -without naming them- more difficult. Even the receipt of fund from United Nation Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture was not spared. The report reiterates that the act of reprisal is not only limited against the victims of human rights violations but also relatives and those who have provided legal or other assistance to victims, or have reported case of human rights violation to the special procedures have suffered from retaliation and intimidation. In the last report of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran Para 66, as an example it was noted that lawyers were intimidated, detained and prosecuted for carrying out their professional responsibilities in defense of their clients.
Mr President,
Sudwind would like to draw your attention to the specific situation of people who cooperate with different mechanisms of UN in field of human rights. The same Special Rapporteur in his other report submitted that three individuals were tortured and threatened with hanging for allegedly submitting a list of executed Afghans to him. We believe that the act of retaliation and intimidating of human right defenders and their families is in violation of human rights council resolution 12/2. We also believe that these threats toward such persons, hampers the effective cooperation with United Nations.
We are delighted that Mr. Mohammad Reza Porshajari a blogger sentenced to 4 years incarceration in Sept 2010, as mentioned in the communication of 24/03/2014, was released from prison however, still he faces the travel ban and therefore, he is unable to visit his daughter abroad and access the medical treatment of his choice. The problem of access to medical treatment is also seriously crucial for another prisoner of conscience, mentioned in communications, the religious cleric Sayed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi. His health status worsened due to poor prison condition, prolonged solitary confinement and lack of access to specialist medical treatment outside prison.
We urge all state to fulfill their commitments specially toward those who are deprived of liberty.


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