27th session of the HRC (10 September 2014)
ID with the Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order and Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a mean of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples to self-determination

Sudwind shares the conviction of IE de Zayas that peace is an indispensable condition for achieving a democratic and equitable international order. Mr de Zayas, We appreciate your efforts for peace.
We also believe in the necessity of the annihilation of nuclear arms. On the specific case of the nuclear program of Iran, we are glad that the attempts toward a diplomatic and peaceful agreement are moving in a positive direction. It is our hope that achieving such an agreement would lead to the quick lifting of economic sanctions that, as you mentioned, are easily avoided by the government while resulting in injustices done vis-à-vis innocent people.
However, we are disappointed to see that North Korea, Pakistan, India and Israel are yet to join the NPT and that the five permanent members of the Security Council have not taken adequate measures toward disarmament and reduction of their nuclear stockpiles.
Despite some progress on nuclear disarmament, unfortunately we don’t see any moves toward disarmament of conventional weapons.
Unfortunately, in the recent years we have seen a growth in bad practices and negative developments that counter the democratization process in the Middle East and North Africa.
The civil war and skirmish in a number of countries have reversed the democratization process. Attempts at a military resolution of the crisis, as we have seen in the cases of ISIL and its associated groups, have led to a reproduction of new forces that gravely violate human rights. Shia and Kurdish militias that are not under the direction of responsible military units can indeed commit similar war crimes and crimes against humanity.
An increase in arms trade and in the sending of weapons has created numerous militias. The disarmament of these forces will not be easy after a ceasefire.
A few days ago, Negar Hosseini, a 20-year old Kurdish Iranian woman, who had joined the Peshmarga forces, was killed while fighting ISIL. A number of Iranian military forces who were sent to Iraq in recent days have also been killed in operations against the ISIL. If the
Syrian war hadn‘t been extended to Iraq, now those Iranians could have still been with their families.
Mr de Zayas
The creation of a democratic and equitable international order will not be possible without free and fair elections. The Iranian people have never experienced elections that could be deemed free and fair based on international standards. In 2016, the Islamic Republic will hold parliamentary elections. We ask you to do what you can within your mandate to make these elections as free and as fair as possible.


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