27th session of the HRC (09 September 2014)
Panel on history teaching and memorialization processes

My name is Shokoufeh Sakhi. I spent 8 years from 1982 to 1990 in prisons as political prisoner. 27 years ago in this month of September at least 5000 of prisoners were massacred under close doors, without any due process, without their families knowing about their fates, not just that , but without they themselves knowing they were condemned to death. Tens of my cellmates were among them. Their bodies were smuggled out and buried in unmarked mass graves. One of those graves is called Khavaran. For the last 27 years their families tried to memorialize their graves by gathering there in these days. They were attacked through all these years by the Iranian state’s forces. Many of their mothers are not among us anymore but we and the families resist the erasure of their death and the suffering of their families from our historical memory.


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