26th HRC Session (June 10)
Statement on (secret) executions in the I.R.Iran(GD Item 2)

Sudwind thanks Madame High Commissioner for playing such an important role to improve human rights during her mandate. Protecting human rights defenders in this very council from the treats by some of the governments, stressing on the right to peaceful protests, combating violence against women and early child marriage and her struggles for peace are only some of Madam Pillay’s achievements as High Commissioner. Without her efforts the booklet “Born to be free and equal” would not have been published. The translation into Farsi which is not a United Nations language has made this booklet accessible for over 100 Millions of people who mostly don’t understand any United Nation language.

As Madam Pillay stated in her opening statement, more than two hundred individuals were executed mostly due to drug issues since January 2014 in the Islamic Republic of Iran, however ten days ago Mr Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, a political prisoner was also executed. He was sentenced to death under the charges of Moharabeh (enmity against God) for allegedly sharing information and possibly providing financial assistance to a London-based opposition TV station.

In addition not all executions in Iran are publicized. There is confirmed information on secret executions for example in Mashhad prison.

Finally we want to articulate our disappointment that despite the open invitation by the Islamic Republic of Iran in this very council in June 2010, Madam High Commissioner could not visit the country due to the unwillingness of the Iranian authorities to agree on the terms of reference for the country visit. We hope that the next High Commissioner will have the chance to visit the country accompanied by the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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