25th HRC Session (March 5)
High-Level Panel on the Question of the Death Penalty
Fri 27 06 2014

Sudwind is very much concerned about the increasing number of executions, public executions and execution of juvenile offenders in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This severe trend has also not changed since the presidential election in 2013.
Since the beginning of 2014 alone, 155 people have been executed, however only 84 of these executions have been officially confirmed. At least two of them had been sentenced to death for their offences committed prior to the age of 18. Minors sentenced to death are held in prisons and executed once they reach the age of 18. There are at least 5 minors who are already sentenced to death and are in death row.

Honorable Panelists,

In Iran, children watch public executions alongside with adults. Since 2013, three children in different cities of the country hanged themselves after watching public execution and while playing “execution.”

In many proceedings of executions the rule of law is infringed. In the most recent case two Iranian Arab teachers and civil society activists, Hadi Rashedi and Hashem Sha’bani, were executed before their lawyers and families were informed. Executions are largely implemented for alleged conduct that does not meet the standards of “most serious crime” especially for marginalized people. At least 83 prisoners of conscience are in death row.
The trend of death penalties is on the rise, confirmed sources speak of at least 650 executions in 2013.

Sudwind is very concerned about the fact that there are thousands of prisoners living under the imminent threat of execution.
We urge the HRC to put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop executions immediately, particularly public and juvenile executions, and to institute a moratorium.


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