25th HRC session
Protest to free Bahareh Hedayat

Iranian activists in Geneva demonstrated in front of the UN Headquarter at the International Women's Day on March 8th for women’s rights. Women hold pictures of Bahareh Hedayat in support of the Camapign “Ten Days with Bahareh”.

Student and women’s rights activist Bahareh Hedayat, a well known member of the Iranian student movement, is serving a near-10-year prison sentence at Evin Prison’s Women’s Ward.

A group of women and student activists had launched a campaign for the release on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the “Ten Days With Bahareh Campaign” committed each day to highlighting specific aspects of Hedayat’s activities and character. She suffers from chronic reproductive system problems and she may not be able to have children, if she receives no medical treatment.

Day 1. Bahareh is a Women’s Rights Activist
Day 2. Bahareh is a Student Rights Activist
Day 3. Bahareh is a Prisoner of Conscience
Day 4. Bahareh is a Wife
Day 5. Bahareh is a Daughter and a Sister
Day 6. Bahareh’s Health is Deteriorating
Day 7. Bahareh is a well Known Activists in the International Community
Day 8. Bahareh is a Friend
Day 9. Bahareh is a Young Iranian Woman
Day 10. Bahareh is a Woman Human Rights Defender! Free her!


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