25th HRC Session (March 17)
Interactive Dialoge with the Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (ID Item 4)
Joint Statement of Sudwind with Human Rights Watch endorsed by FIDH, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center and Iran Human Rights

Dr. Shaheed,

Although you have correctly mentioned that your report is far from exhaustive, it does however capture the comprehensive nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s violations of civil-political and economic-social rights.
We hope that the human rights situation in Iran remains at the forefront of the global agenda and of this Council.
Personal attacks against you or the Secretary General do not change the reality inside the country.
As you have noted, Iranians continue to face restrictions on expression, association, and the right to education. Gender, religious and ethnic discrimination are commonplace.
Iran’s prisons are filled with arbitrarily detained human rights defenders, journalists, religious leaders, students—as well as—cultural and women’s rights activists, whose alleged crimes are often little more than stating an opinion the government doesn’t agree with.
These individuals face mistreatment, torture, intimidation of family members, and are denied their rights to legal counsel and fair trials.
Moreover, the recent spike in unlawful executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran is alarming. We support your call—and that of the High Commissioner’s—for a moratorium on the death penalty in Iran.
We share your concerns and call on Iran’s Government to fully cooperate with your mandate and look to your recommendations for steps it should take to meet international legal standards.
We believe the mandate is crucial and should be renewed by this Council.
It is vital for the international community to have an independent monitor that can verify progress, or lack thereof, made by the Islamic Republic of Iran on its Universal Periodic Review commitments.
Dr. Shaheed, could you comment on whether the Civil Rights Charter could be improved?
We ask the Council to invest in lasting human rights changes in Iran.

Thank you


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