25th session of the HCR, March 18 2014
Südwind presents the RAHA Human Rights Awards winners

Winner Reza Shahabi
Südwind honours and presents six Iranian human rights defenders, who won the RAHA Human Rights Awards, in Geneva on March 18, 2014 during the 25th session of the HRC.

The RAHA Human Rights Award recognizes Iranian human rights defenders, who have made contributions to human rights in the I.R. Iran. Candidates are considered by Südwind based on the significance of their contributions and their current situation. This year’s six winners include women right’s activists, labour union activists, student and education rights activists and journalists – all of whom have demonstrated commitment to defending and advancing human rights and democracy despite great personal sacrifices.

Among the winners are Rasoul Bodaghi awarded for his actions and his advocacy for education and labour rights and student activist Majid Tavakoli, who is imprisoned for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression and for his fight for democracy and human rights through speeches and publications. Reza Shahabi, a founding member and the treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, an independent trade union, is honoured for his contribution and sacrifices to the labour movement.

The six recipients were selected by a special jury comprising the Nobel Prize laureate and human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi as chairwomen, the co-founder and principal investigator of the Freedom Rights Project and former executive director of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Aaron Rhodes and the Südwind board member and human rights lawyer Karolina Januszewski.

And there will also be a special award handed out at the ceremony for the late Faramarz Mohammadi, human rights, social and anti-war activist, for his lifetime contribution to promote human rights and to change circumstances that cause people to be disempowered, persecuted and killed. Faramarz Mohammadi passed away in December 2013 after a long battle against illness.

The physical token of the award is a metal sculpture designed and made by the well known Iranian sculptor Behruz Heshmat.


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