List of thematic special procedures sending urgent appeals and letters of allegation

How to submit urgent actions?

Admissibility criteria of information received for Urgent appeals

Urgent appeals and letters of allegation on human rights violations
The special procedures at the Hunan Rights Council consist of a number of individual experts such as special rapporteurs, special representatives, independent experts or working groups and are appointed usually by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

The experts are entrusted with the mandate to examine, monitor, advise and publicly report on human rights situations in specific countries or on major human rights related themes worldwide. The work of the special rapporteurs is usually organized around the following activities: submitting thematic reports to the Commission on Human Rights (and for some of them also to the General Assembly) at its annual session; undertaking country visits on which reports are submitted to the annual session of the Commission as addenda to the thematic reports; sending communications on alleged violations of human rights (urgent appeals and letters of allegation) to the Governments concerned; and issuing press releases on specific matters of grave concern.

The "urgent action" procedure supports cases in which there are sufficiently reliable allegations that a person may be detained arbitrarily and that the alleged violations may be time-sensitive in terms of involving loss of life, life-threatening situations or either imminent or ongoing damage of a very grave nature to victims in the event of the continuation of the detention. Südwind distributes forms in Farsi, has them translated into English and submits them to the Human Rights council and the special procedures. Südwind will report back to the HRDs, victims of human rights violation or their contacts, who have requested assistance and support, informing them of any actions taken and possible follow-ups.

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