Fact sheet on water crisis in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Over 80% of fresh water consumption in Iran is today from ground water and 75% of ground waters have already been used

Written Statement Südwind

Environmental crisis in Islamic Republic of Iran

28th session of the HRC

In the Islamic Republic of Iran thousands of people are facing serious health hazards from air pollution, diminished water resources, dust storms, accelerated deforestation and desertification. The crisis is partly the result of local mismanagement of the Islamic Republic of Iran and partly by Iran’s neighboring countries.

Written Statement Südwind

The Environmental Situation in the I.R. Iran

25th Session HRC (March 2014)

The life of Iranians is at great risk because the three main elements of life are polluted: water1, air and earth. Over the past three decades, the inefficiency of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran as regards sustainable development along with the recent economical sanctions imposed on Iran by Europe and the US have deprived the people of healthy breathing air and healthy drinking water. Not only have the warnings of environmental supporters and experts and civil protests left no impact on the ongoing destruction but they have also led to environmental activists being threatened and arrested. Protesting against the desiccation of Urumiyeh Lake, the second largest salt lake in the world, many citizens were arrested and sent to Tabriz prison.

Written statement Südwind

A Brief Report on Iran’s Water Situation

24th regular session of the Human Rights Council (9 - 27 September 2013)

Iran’s water resources are in a critical situation and give rise to the profound concern of experts and environmentalists. Iran is geographically located in an arid and semiarid climate with a median yearly rainfall of 250 mm. More than 80% of the country is arid and semiarid. As a result, water management is of extraordinary importance. Unfortunately, however, the erroneous approach adopted by the country’s authorities and leaders has led to the desiccation of almost all natural bodies of water.

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